A Webquest about How to Make
and Keep Friends!

Created by Dayna Anderson, M.A., CCC-SLP
Concord Elementary, Edina Public Schools

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Your local TV station is planning a new program for kids, called "The Friendship Files."The show's lead character, "Inspector Friendly," each week will have to solve the dilemma of a FRACTURED FRIENDSHIP. He will have to determine what has gone horribly wrong with the friendship, and come up with a possible solution. You are on a team that is in charge of creating a pilot episode.


Your final product will be a short written description of your TV program, and a demo video broadcast. It will include:

1. The series title and a subtitle, created specifically for your demo broadcast;
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2. A written description of the skills kids will learn from the program and the methods you will use to teach them;
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3. Brief video episodes of the following:

An introduction to the show that includes Inspector "F" describing what a "friend" is and is not;
An episode illustrating what's gone wrong in the Fractured Friendship you create;
An episode about solving the conflict or problem;
A conclusion reviewing what the characters learned about friendship.


Go to the Program Worksheet to begin planning your broadcast!