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ReReRe Online is a tool to help make the most of Edina Public Schools' resources.

When computers, furniture, electronics and other items are no longer useful to your building or department, you can offer them to others within the district. You can also post requests for items that you would like to have. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

This site is intended to be used to share district owned materials between buildings. This site is governed by policies 802 and 805. Specifically, please note the following conditions for use:

  • If unsure if an item should be posted please check with your custodian and/or your building principal first.
  • Please only post district owned materials. This is not for personal use.
  • Items are to remain in the district as they are district property.
  • Traders are responsible for facilitating the transfer of the materials.
  • Items over $5,000 in value need to be approved by the business office before they can be posted on ReReRe Online

Category List

Computers/computing devices
computers, laptops
Audio/Visual Equipment
TVs, digital cameras, projectors, VCRs, camcorders, cables, etc.
Electronic Equipment
printers, toner, fax machines
other technology equipment that is not a computing device, phone or audio/video
desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets
Office Supplies
file folders, markers, desk organizers
Classroom Supplies
educational materials, student materials
Special Ed Equipment
Adaptive equipment, special ed supplies
Phy Ed/Athletic Equipment
balls, nets, game supplies
Custodial/Maintenance Equipment
cleaning supplies, maintenance equipment
anything that doesn't fit in the other categories

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