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Edina High School Parking Permit Application
16-17 Yearly Permit

Permits cost $300.00 per year for a carpool or PSEO permit

The Online system has been shut down.

Online applications will be accepted beginning August 8th at 9:00 a.m.

When application time approaches, refresh this page to get the latest version.   

Application Process

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis with the following preferences given:

  • Pool #1 - PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options), Full year Zero hour students
       (available for Grades 10, 11 and 12 - due to limited space, students are encouraged to carpool)
  • Pool #2 - Students whose only address is out of district
  • Pool #3 - 4 person carpools with at least 1 senior
  • Pool #4 - 4 person carpools with at least 1 junior
  • Pool #5 - 3 person carpools with at least 1 senior
  • Pool #6 - 3 person carpools with at least 1 junior
  • Pool #7 - 2 person carpools with at least 1 senior*
  • Pool #8 - 2 person carpools with at least 1 junior*

      *2 person carpools will not be considered until after school begins, if available.

Permit Distribution

2016-17 parking permits will be available for pick up at Get Connected Day.

  • Permits will be available to pick up at "Get Connected Day" on August 17th or the first day of school at the desk at Door 3.
    Please make sure to bring your signed permission slip to turn in at that time.
  • Nearly all of our students have activities or jobs outside of the school day so we must firmly adhere to the carpool policy.

Permit Violations

TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:   $30 - 1st offense    $60 - 2nd offense    $90 - 3rd offense

  • Permits are only valid if displayed by hanging from the rear view mirror. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will be considered to be illegally parked and subject to ticket and/or tow (at the owners expense).
  • Cars that are illegally parked or parked outside of designated student parking areas will be ticketed and/or towed without warning.
  • Permits may be revoked without refund for careless or reckless driving, failure to yield, double parking, speeding, leaving campus without permission, taking underclassmen off campus, failure to attend classes, tardiness, and parking in undesignated areas. Students with revoked or suspended semester permits will not be allowed to purchase daily permits.
    Lost or stolen permits are subject to a replacement fee of $30.00. Permits are not transferable and may not be resold.
  • Stealing, forging, or using a false permit will result in school suspension and loss of parking privileges.

Edina High School
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